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Finding The Deal

Finding the Deal
A back to basics approach to property

Are you looking to buy real estate in the near future?
Are you uncertain about where to start?
Are you confused or overwhelmed by the amount of property information that's out there?
Is property 'jargon' like a foreign language to you?

If you answered YES then read on!

They say that a house is the largest purchase you will ever make in your life, and for most that is true, so it is important that you are well educated and know the basics, regardless of whether the purchase is for investment or as a home to live in.

Property buying and investing has evolved so much in recent years to a point where it is hard to get straightforward, basic information that every beginner needs to know. It seems everyone is an expert and has an opinion, which makes it hard for those who have never dipped their toes in property before: either the answers they seek to their questions are more complex than they need to be, or you feel silly for asking them in the first place.

This is made worse because even the so called 'experts' are continually making mistakes, they just don't know it!

Finding the Deal specifically caters for those who need to start at the beginning, or reacquaint themselves with the basics:

  • Do you want to start or further your property education but feel the educational options available to you are too advanced?
  • Are the 'educators' that you are seeing pushing an alternative agenda through 'free seminars' or with speakers who have limited experience?
  • Do you seek a no nonsense, step by step educational approach to get you started?

The Reno Kings have educated thousands of people over the last decade on how to successful buy and invest in property. They know how hard it is to get started and how daunting it can be. Geoff Doidge clearly remembers his first purchase:

It was 1971 when I purchased my first property in Hawthorne for $7k. Hawthorne was a real rough area, nothing like it is now and no immediate prospects of improvement. I only bought there because I could afford it, not because it was a good investment strategy. My income was $3k pa at the time (43% of the purchase price!) and yet the banks wouldn't give a home loan... how things have changed! But they would give me two personally loans... for a car to the value of $4k and furniture to the value of $3k... and that's how I bought my first property. An accountant friend was advising me and what really got me started was a book I borrowed from the Stones Corner Library. It got me excited enough  to take the plunge! I did my own conveyancing because the cost at the time was about 5% of the purchase price (put into perspective, the median price in Hawthorne is now close to $700k, so if things were still the same conveyancing would cost $35k to buy the average property in Hawthorne... not $500k. Ouch!). I didn't do a building and pest inspection: I had a degree and was working as a civil engineer, how hard can it be to see if there are any faults? Apparently quite hard, because when I went to collect the rent a few months later the tenants were sitting on the front deck swinging their legs over the side, right where a set of stairs use to be. Termites had eaten them out completely! As you have probably gathered I also managed the property myself. Here's a lesson for you: Always research your tenants, otherwise you may find the property you own doubles up as the headquarters for the local bike gang... Geoff Doidge, 2009.

They say that a house is the largest purchase you will ever make in your life, and for that is true, so it is important that you are well educated and know the basics, regardless of whether the purchase is for investment or as a home to live in.

At Finding the Deal we will bring everything back to basics, so as to 'unmuddle' the muddled. Graduates will be able to move forward confidently and aggressively to ensure that they buy well and buy right.

Finding the Deal will show you how to:

  • Make the right offer and buy the right property
  • Negotiate with an agent and 'read through the lines' when communicating with them
  • DIY Building and Pest inspection to save you $$'s!
  • Employing and understanding your building and pest inspector and how to use them for free!
  • How to complete a contract correctly, effectively and efficiently.
  • What deposit, timeframes and price you REALLY should be offering, not what the agent is telling you is required
  • How to communicate with your finance broker or lender and get the right funding for you
  • The 5 key things to research before you buy.
  • Good versus bad property management deals
  • etc
  • etc
  • etc


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