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Missed Opportunities Missed Opportunities
3 Apr 2013
The property market has certainly picked up this year with buyer's taking advantage of historically low interest rates and an improving market. Despite our best efforts, we haven't always had clients for the deals we find. Find out the opportunities that were missed (and one that is still available!).


2012 - A look back with case studies 2012 - A look back with case studies
18 Dec 2012
2012 was another successful year for Investigate Property and their clients. We thought we'd share a small collection of deals Investigate Property were involved in this year, as we feel there is no better way to demonstrate what it is we do.


Be Prepared Be Prepared
17 Dec 2012
When buying property, get yourself into a position to actually make an offer, sign a contract immediately and obtain finance. Too often we see good deals slip away because buyer's haven't done things in the correct order, or worse, deliberately held off on getting themselves organised because they don't want to spend the time or money doing so before they have a deal. Here's a few real life scenarios.


3 Top Tips for Selecting Your Development A-Team 3 Top Tips for Selecting Your Development A-Team
28 Nov 2012
No two developments are the same and while there is great upside to developing, it can be a complicated process. So you need a support team. You need experts you can call on at any time and get the quick answers you need.


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