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Brisbane Market Update Brisbane Market Update
18 Aug 2015
Here’s a Brisbane residential property market update from a professional buyer. It hasn’t been hyped up by media and it isn't being selectively optimistic by a sales agent. It's an update just as an update should be.


Why Toowoomba? Why Toowoomba?
18 Aug 2015
Mat Cosgrove, our Toowoomba area specialist, has been coming up with some fantastic deals for our clients, but some of you may be asking yourself, 'why Toowoomba?'. Let us fill you in.


An Escalating Problem An Escalating Problem
18 Aug 2015
Have you ever worked hard on a property, done lots of research, looked at heaps of comparables, run the numbers, got it working down to the dollar, only to then get blown out of the water by another buyer paying a good $50,000 to $100,000 more than you? As a buyer's agent who refuses to pay too much for a property I certainly have! In fact, far too frequently lately. I wanted to get to the bottom of the reason why and have spoken to numerous agents and consultants and I come up with a few conclusions.


Hot Properties! Hot Properties!
18 Aug 2015
With the market hot in Brisbane and Toowoomba, Investigate Property continue to source great deals for our clients. Here is a selection of 2015 gems.


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