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Ignore the House Ignore the House
4 Nov 2015
The house is not the first thing you should look at when inspecting a new purchase. In fact, your inspection should start 500m earlier.


Where to dig for gold Where to dig for gold
8 Oct 2015
Sometimes the best place to look for your next purchase is in your own backyard.


Brisbane Market Update Brisbane Market Update
18 Aug 2015
Here’s a Brisbane residential property market update from a professional buyer. It hasn’t been hyped up by media and it isn't being selectively optimistic by a sales agent. It's an update just as an update should be.


Why Toowoomba? Why Toowoomba?
17 Aug 2015
Mat Cosgrove, our Toowoomba area specialist, has been coming up with some fantastic deals for our clients, but some of you may be asking yourself, 'why Toowoomba?'. Let us fill you in.


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