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What's on and off about off-market purchases? What's on and off about off-market purchases?
15 Jul
There is a lot of buzz around buying off-market, rightfully so, but it isn't always as good as you think.


What you need to buy a development in Toowoomba What you need to buy a development in Toowoomba
4 Apr
Investigate Property loves some of the development deals in Toowoomba, but for those of you not familiar with the market there, you may be wondering, what do I get for my money in Toowoomba?


Turning 4 to 5 to $700,000 Turning 4 to 5 to $700,000
31 Mar
This recently completed development by our clients Sonia and Glen was a fantastic success, with over $700,000 or 32% equity gain being achieved – a brilliant result in the current market from a 5 townhouse development. How they have achieved this isn’t simply the result of getting one thing right, but a combination of buying well, knowing the rules (and more importantly what rules could be broken!), good design and a fantastic valuation at the end. There are many lessons in this for both beginner and experienced investors.


Missed Opportunities Missed Opportunities
31 Mar
Here at Investigate Property we source some cracking deals, both in Brisbane and Toowoomba. Each year we buy plenty of great investment properties for our clients, but every now and then we have a deal that we don't have a client for. This is always heartbreaking as we hate to see a good deal go begging or for someone other than our client to buy it! Here's a selection of missed opportunities from late 2015 until now.


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