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Investigate Property was established in 2006 under the guiding arm of Founding Director, Justin Eslick. As a fully licensed REIQ real-estate agent and town planner, Justin has 19 years experience in sourcing and securing property investment in Brisbane.

Investigate Property’s foundations were in part to service a gap in the market, with buyers’ agents in Brisbane at the time limited mostly to servicing owner occupier buyers, but also to offer a greater form of service in the research and analytical fields when it came to property purchases.

Our team

Justin Eslick

Justin Eslick is uniquely qualified to indentify property deals and uncover their potential.

Firstly, he has a Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning (Honours) from the University of Queensland. He is also a fully licensed real estate agent in Queensland. In addition to the 13 years operating Investigate Property, he has 5 valuable years of experience working with a developer and property consultant that specialised in the concept design, development and management of student accommodation in Queensland. His role there was the Research and Acquisitions Manager, involving many facets of property investing.

Secondly, he has grown up with property and renovations. You could say it was in his blood. Since he was young, Justin has been at the hard yakka end of paint brushes, tools and whatever else he could get his hands on helping with many renovations.

Justin has a unique and special combination of qualifications, mentoring and experience.

Qualifications summary:

Bachelor of Regional and Town Planning - Honours (University of Queensland 2002)

Fully licensed Real Estate Agent in the state of Queensland.

REIQ Member since 2006 (member #51059)

“As a buyers’ agent I have never understood how anyone can recommend a site for development or purchase without themselves having a thorough understanding of the town planning rules and conducting detailed research. I am committed to not only finding your next investment purchase but providing you with a detailed analysis of every aspect of the property and its potential. It is this level of detail that makes our purchases a success and keeps clients coming back for their next purchase, and the one after that.” 

Justin can be contacted on 0410 511 535 or justin@investigateproperty.com.au
Mat Cosgrove

Mat Cosgrove joins Investigate Property after a long association with us, firstly as a client, then secondly as a guest speaker at some of the Investigate Property workshops. We first met him in 2007, where at just 23 years of age he attended a workshop and was instantly in love with the idea of property. He has since gone on to do many property firsts: DIY renovation, house shift, subdivision, regional investment, property trading, both commercial and residential property dealings, a container ship development, development approval process and finally a number of developments.

Mat grew up in Roma in QLD's West, has lived in Brisbane since 2002, and has invested in both urban and regional locations. Mat is heavy into research, has an eye for a good deal and just as importantly he is a people person, which can go a long way when it comes to negotiating in real estate.

Mat specialises in property transactions in the Toowoomba region.

Mat can be contacted on 0427 385 041 or mat@investigateproperty.com.au.

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Our mission and vision

All of the team here at Investigate Property are active investors who love property. We work for our clients to find the types of wonderful deals that we like to buy for ourselves.

Our mission is to make the buying process as straightforward as possible for our clients and to ensure they are buying the right property with the right outcomes.

We aim to do this through research and understanding of the market and rules. This is why we specialise in investment property and do not source owner occupier property.

Our vision is to not only see you purchase through until settlement, but to see you reap the results and rewards for having bought well, whether that is through exceptional returns, high growth or seeing the finished product come to fruition in the case of development sites.

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