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Become a member to discover the property investments you need to know about, and/or to gain access to Justin Eslick on a consulting basis. Investigate Property offers two exciting membership opportunities to help you find a great property deal.

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We understand that you may already own property or want to source your own deals, however, making critical errors by not thoroughly understanding your purchase or conducting the right research is a big mistake. By becoming a Property Pro Member you gain access to Justin and his wealth of knowledge and tools on a consulting basis. He will answer the questions you have and conduct the research you need around any properties you already own or are considering purchasing within the Brisbane City Council area. This membership is on a monthly basis and is designed for two kinds of people:

1) those that already own property in Brisbane and want to know what potential or constraints those properties have, and

2) those looking to buy and need someone experienced to turn to for answers and to help research their prospective purchase.

No matter which category you fall into the aim is the same: to fully understand the property in consideration.

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Be amongst the first investors to access great deals uncovered by our experienced and highly qualified buyers' agents. You will receive an email alert outlining the latest opportunities as well as access to any existing available deals. When a property is right for you, contact us immediately as we can only act for the first suitable buyer to commit to the deal, and we will put our experience to work for you to negotiate your offer and secure the property on appropriate terms.

Plus you can query us about all the properties we locate, both past and present, even if you are not a buyer, to help educate you on what to look for in the market place.

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