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Investigate Property is a highly experienced and respected boutique buyers’ agency established in 2006 servicing the savvy investor in Brisbane and Toowoomba. Our expertise is in researching, sourcing and negotiating the best available investment properties for our clients. We use our in-depth knowledge of the Brisbane property market and our expertise in analysing town planning constraints and opportunities to identify the optimum growth, development potential, and highest return options for each site. If there is a hidden gem to find, Investigate Property will find it.

We have successfully negotiated hundreds of investment property transactions in Brisbane on behalf of our clients. We always secure the best price and contract conditions based on our thorough understanding of a site’s potential. Investigate Property are also experienced investors. Director Justin Eslick has completed multiple subdivisions, shifted and raised two houses, renovated for profit four properties, and amalgamated a site and gained approval for 32 units. Justin has a Bachelors Degree in Town Planning, which he is proud to state enables him to not only identify the best investment opportunities, but also to analyse a site’s full potential.

We look forward to being an independent advisor to expand your property portfolio!

Our Clients

Investigate Property only services clients seeking an investment property. We do not secure owner-occupier properties. Our clients range from first-time local investors who require advice and assistance navigating the Brisbane property market, to more experienced interstate or international investors who simply do not have the time to research and anaylse the best deals in the market. Every client has different needs and investment criteria….renovate, subdivide, develop, returns… We are here to help.

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TLPI’s are starting to play a larger role when it comes to buying and developing properties in Brisbane, but you can be excused if you do not know what one is, or have never looked at one before. However, it is very important you know about TLPI’s.

Let's face it; agents can get rather creative with their real estate marketing. After all, no matter what the property is, where it is or how bad it is, it is their job to sell it! Let's take a look at what some of their words 'may' actually be saying.

Why choose us?

How can we help you?

We have a thorough understanding of the Brisbane property market. We are often given information on properties before they are listed on the market. We have an in-depth understanding of development rules and town planning guidelines. We have developed a trusted relationship with Brisbane selling agents. We have a wide network of industry professionals to lean on and seek answers, solutions and to verify our work prior to your contract going unconditional.

We are due diligence experts. Identifying a site and negotiating a contract is only the beginning - in fact, it isn’t even the largest component of buying through Investigate Property. Prior to your purchase going unconditional we will fully analyse the site, often drawing site plans and getting our team of consultants to review and verify the workings.

We are problem solvers. No two sites are the same and rarely is a site straightforward. Unlike other buyers, Investigate Property will provide you with an expert on your side to manage the due diligence process, to identify potential issues, and problem solve them where necessary. We don’t just focus on the price, but also the return on investment, the site’s development potential, civil matters, design constraints and planning issues.

We can give you a buying edge.

What our property investor clients say

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  • Justin is by far the best buyer’s agent we have worked with. He is very detail-oriented and was providing advice at different stages of our project, including advising our consultants. When working with him, you won't be just paying for a buyers' agent service, he can be a mentor for you as well. We are very happy to find Justin and will be happy to buy through him in the future.

    Kasra and Nataliya

  • We worked with Investigate Property in 2016 to help locate an investment property in Brisbane. Justin showed us several ideas and answered all our questions in a very professional way until we secured the right investment. We've been very happy with the service we received and would recommend Investigate Property to any potential buyers.

    Martin C

  • With property essentially becoming a career change for me, I needed to ensure I got it right. I made the decision early to utilise Investigate Property's services and I am glad I did! Not only have I now purchased seven properties through Investigate Property, but I have also successfully completed five developments under their guidance, which has certainly kick started my new career! Investigate Property offer a wealth of knowledge. On more than one occasion the result has been more on the site than I anticipated, which obviously translates to higher profits and it is safe to say I wouldn't be in this position without their help.

    Troy Hanifin

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