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“Thank you Justin for the huge effort you put in to secure our latest investment property. After being told by a number of consultants that our plans to subdivide were not possible, you came through with the right questions and asked the right people and were able to turn what was otherwise going to be just a plain house on a big block into a subdivision property where we get to keep the house! Had we have done this without you we would have walked away from a great opportunity. We can definitely see the benefit in having a buyer’s agent who is also a town planner! Thank you again.”
P.J. Brisbane.


"Investigate Property is not just a purchasing service of quality properties, but it has also provided me with much advice for my own investments. Justin has given me valuable and experienced advice on subdivision, renovation, development and town planning for my own projects. Thanks to Investigate Property, it has saved me from a few costly mistakes!"
S.A. Brisbane


To Investigate Property

Firstly thanks so much Justin for your partnership during the various phases so far of our purchase.

You are truly a buyer's agent that makes the effort to find not just property but really strong investments. Obviously these opportunities are often only on the market for a "blink' and involve rapid response times.

This certrainly was the case for us.  Knowing how much research you do beforehand in identifying growth areas gave us great confidence, and your experience with property made it easy for us to quickly assess the oportunity and join the multiple bid scenario under very competitive conditions - all by "remote control" in Sydney.

 It's always easy and fun discussing stratgey together on the phone - and out of that have the ability move forward time effectively. You always remain calm which helps temper the excitement and creates balance.

If that is not enough my partner and I have both also appreciated your excellent procedural follow through.

It's operators like you that give your profession a good name. Again thanks.
A.H. Sydney


"When I heard the Reno Kings would find a property for me I pounced on the opportunity ... and they delivered ... they found a cheapie for only $256K, 12km from Brisbane and 300 metres to rail. It had already been renovated (I will claim the depreciation), so all I had to do was install blinds and some smoke alarms. I immediately got $290 per week rent.

If you don't have the time, confidence or like me are not resident in Brisbane - I would highly recommend you invest in a membership and get these guys acting for you ASAP."
PD, Mackay


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