Before purchasing any property through Investigate Property Pty Ltd or through your own sourcing it is highly recommended that you employ professional consultants to carry out research on any properties that you have an interest in. Investigate Property Pty Ltd are not surveyors, engineers, financiers, financial advisors, accountants, solicitors, builders, designers, valuers or insurers.

Assessments carried out by Investigate Property Pty Ltd do not include research and assessments of survey plans, building plans, building approvals or town planning approvals. Further to this, assessments that are carried out in some instances are limited or in areas of expertise better carried out by other professional bodies.

Investigate Property Pty Ltd Property Assessments are intended as a comprehensive guide only.

Investigate Property Pty Ltd Property Assessments are assessments of the land only and not any buildings or structures contained within or near the site. In carrying out assessments for properties sourced by you, Investigate Property Pty Ltd do not physically inspect the site. The assessment is prepared using available in office resources and therefore any information contained within the assessments are not based on any inspection of the property whatsoever.

It is recommended that you carry out any searches or actions recommended by your solicitor or other professional bodies as well as the searches and actions listed below. These searches and actions may include, but are not limited to the following:

When purchasing a property that Investigate Property Pty Ltd has sourced, or purchasing an Investigate Property Pty Ltd Property Assessment you are doing so with the understanding that you should carry out your own research, searches and discussions and you acknowledge that you have been advised of this by Investigate Property Pty Ltd.