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On a Grand Scale

This property offers some grand proportions. Firstly it features three lots totalling 1214m2. Secondly, the existing home, which must be retained, is large and self contained on two of those lots. It is highset, single storey, unrenovated, but already features 4 bedrooms, separate dining and living, extra space off the living and an L shaped front deck. It also appears to be in good condition for its age and should be immediately liveable. Finally, we are talking big value, as the property is located in a quality pocket of a quality suburb. There are numerous options available but they all feature splitting one lot off from the house two create two properties. What you do from there, whether it is sell the land, renovate the house, build new or a combo of these is up to you. The simplest option should be achievable in 3-4 months from settlement and shows approximately 190k equity gain. Buyers just under $1.5m.

Both Paths Covered

Often when buying an investment you need to pick either returns or growth, but here is an opportunity we believe could offer both, and then some. On offer is a substantial brick unit block in a highly desirable location. The size of the complex means competition from other buyers is reduced, allowing you to buy better, equating to good returns, and the location should ensure good longer term growth. The property is currently rented at around 5.75% gross, which is about average for this product in this location, but our research indicates this is below market rent and rents could be increased to bring the return up to 6.5% gross, which is definitely above average. Further, at $2.5m buy we are paying $278k per unit and again our research indicates individually (once strata-titled) they should be about $335k each on average (or about 20% more). There is also renovation upside to increase both value and income.

Champagne Views on a Beer Budget

This property is at the affordable end of the spectrum not only for the suburb but inner-city Brisbane in general, yet it comes with Champagne quality city views. With a proposed purchase at $630k and a state assessed land value of $580k, this one screams out for a buy and hold for long term growth.

A Change In Circumstance

This couple had every intention fo carrying out this subdivision and renovating, but their circumstances have changed. With a bub on the way and no time now to renovate, they're cutting their losses and moving on. Their loss is your gain! They've already started the subdivision process and whilst the application is now withdrawn, a number of outstanding questions we had have been answered and they've indicated they will supply us with surveys and plans to date. They are not property people, want to move on with their lives, and they want to do so quick smart, hence the asking price that is actually less than they bought the site for. The subdivision will be via an Impact Assessable application, but all signs point to a positive outcome (to be verified during a conditional period). Here is a rare opportunity to retain an existing house (after minor modifications) and create a vacant block of land for about $150k equity gain. The very inner city location also makes it suitable as a simple buy and hold or owner-occupier situation. We've run numbers at full ask of $760k, though in reality we might need to be a touch higher. 


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