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Latest Alerts

Rock Solid

Here’s a rock solid unit block for a rock solid investment. Built in 1984 (estimate) is this block of non-strata titled 6 x 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom townhouses with full brick and concrete construction. They offer potential for a great return as well as equity increase through renovation, strata-titling and increased rents and are exceptionally located for a long term hold. They are situated on over 900m2 of LMR land which can be partially developed to three storeys thanks to the proximity to train. With potential rent of 5.25% gross as is, and a proposed purchase price of $2.25m where we believe they would be worth $2.4m total if they could be sold individually, this is an excellent opportunity for the passive investor. The property is being sold off-market for now, and provides for our only opportunity to buy it at the right price as we have no doubt whatsoever a proper campaign will attract much higher interest.

Solid Gold Opportunity

This is a solid gold offering for any developer looking to create something magical. We have 1900m2 approx of very inner city LMR land perfectly located to allow you to develop 8-9 high end $2.25m to $2.5m townhouses that will be the talk of the town. In a location where demolition is difficult, and large lots even more difficult to come across, this ticks a lot of boxes and shows potential for up to 30% equity gain. Buyers at or just over $7m.

Create Something Magincal

Here’s your opportunity to create something magical. On offer is a 620m2 (approx) LR zoned property in a fabulous location and with premium views. It fronts a quiet street with a 12m frontage (approx) but as an added bonus, has an accessway to a second street behind, which allows some fabulous flexibility around both vehicular and pedestrian access, or if you’d prefer possibly even a lap pool. On the site is a small, liveable post-war home but the notion here is to remove it and build something that will be the envy of everyone, with research indicating the end product should be valued at over $3m. Buyers at or just over $1m.

Forest for the Trees

Here’s an unusual one. A house in a cracking premium location that we can buy for sub $1.6m, where a near identical house sold in the same street for $2.2m. How can this be? There’s a bunch of reasons but the two glaringly obvious ones is it is only 3 bedrooms despite being an easy conversion to a 4, 5 or even 6 bed house (this could be 5 beds for about $10k spend), whereas down the road was 4 bedrooms, and secondly, the owner has very unusual taste in decor, and they have filled the house to the brim with it – you simply can’t see the forest for the trees! There’s a few other factors at play, but the short story is for minimal expense and effort we believe this house is worth $2m+ and shows $250k in equity gain... for doing next to nothing. Buyers at $1.6m.


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