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This is just a block of land, good location, long settlement and ideal for a small lot home. Simples! The land is smaller than standard at 260m2, but given the location even small lots perform well as do the houses on them. Our numbers for a single house build are sitting at around 21% equity gain, which is actually very good for a single house build (alert worthy is about 17.5%) and indicative that the buy price is likely under market value. Buyers at $570k should call Justin on 0410511535.

Long Way Off

We really like almost everything about this property: the quiet street in a premium suburb, the 880m2 lot size, it is already 2 lots, the property is dead flat, there is potential to build to 3 levels, and there are multiple development options. The only think we don’t like is the price range being quoted by the agent ahead of the auction. It is a long way off! In fact, we think the price range being quoted is probably 30% above market value. Normally we would run away from such madness. But on this occasion, we believe that the price range being provided to interested buyers is so far off the market, that many buyers will simply dismiss the property. So, we want to position ourselves to snap up this cracking property at the right price at auction. Buyers around $1.9m should contact Adam on 0438 738 843.

Better Than the Super Bowl

Whilst Taylor Swift is looking over a field from a $2.5m suite for 4 hours, for under $1.8m you too could be looking over a field, except this is one purchase that you could keep indefinitely! Going to auction (though looking to sell prior) is this 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom home that overlooks a fabulous park and is walking distance to all the transport and amenities you need, in a prime rental location. If that isn’t good enough, we believe we can squeeze out a vacant 260m2 lot without touching the existing house. We love the idea of holding such a large house and renting it out by the room. The subdivision is almost surplus, but could be used to reduce debt whilst you keep the house. Told you this was better than the Super Bowl! Buyers up to $1.8m.

One or Two Trophies

This trophy property is located on a premium street, in a premium pocket of a premium suburb. It is also 800m2, 2 lots, dead flat and has the potential to create one or two trophy homes. Buyers in the range of $1.8m - $2m should contact Adam on 0438 738 843.


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