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It's a Jigsaw Puzzle!

This is a very interesting property for it’s size, uniqueness and flexibility. On offer is a 4 ensuited bedroom modern home, with a standalone 2 bedroom granny flat, located on a corner site, which allows each dwelling to operate fairly independently. As a result of this the property comes with a variety of options, which may include any mix of renting each dwelling separately, renting each bedroom separately, conversion of some spaces into exclusive use spaces, full on conversion to rooming accommodation, owner occupy some and rent out some, or owner occupy the whole lot. Looking purely from a rental perspective, we should see gross rent returns ranging from approximately 5.5% gross (easy option) to 8% gross (rooming option), and anywhere in between. There’s a lot going on here so what path you take will largely be dictated by your situation and strategy. Buyers around $1.3m should call Justin on 0410511535.  

Left Field

We’re hoping this ‘renovator’ is offering up a little more than it first appears. Being presented is a Queenslander style home on 405m2 in a good location that is being marketed as an ideal renovator. Yes it is a renovator, but with only two bedrooms and no easy way of achieving a third, it doesn’t feel like an ‘ideal renovator’. The good news is the agent doesn’t seem to realise that there’s nothing preventing demolition! This in turn brings out two possible scenarios, the first obviously being a knock down rebuild, but the numbers are a little short for this (despite the price being super attractive for the location). The second option is a little bit more ‘left field’ - we like the idea of making use of the LMR2 zoning and developing a duplex. Yep. A duplex on 405m2 of land. Buyers at or just over $900k should call Justin on 0410511535. 

Rinse and Repeat

It is a case of Rinse and Repeat with this one as we bought an almost identical property one street over just last year, and the strategy remains the same. On offer is a super well located home in a high quality street with all the lifestyle amenities you could ever want at your door step. At just under 700m2 in land size and with a 20m frontage, the property comes with options, further aided by the post-war dwelling that can be removed within a sea of protected character homes. Depending on your circumstances there’s multiple options available to us, but of most appeal is a two-lot subdivision for two new homes, each capturing a fabulous city view and achieving high end values, which in turn is showing us a circa 22-23% equity gain. This one is going to auction and we’re proposing a purchase price of $2m.  

More Avenues Than NY City

This property has more investment and development avenues than almost anything we’ve ever researched, in fact so many we’re getting lost with which direction to take! Our initial reaction when we heard of this off-market property was that it sounded like excellent buying. What you do after that is the big question though. On offer is a block of 6 strata-titled units plus a house, also on the body corporate (so effectively an oversized 7th unit) on almost 1300m2 of land in a premium street, in a quality suburb with decent views (and depending on your next move, possible city views). That is a lot of land with a lot of dwellings for a proposed purchase price of $2.6m. Further cementing the notion this is good buying is the Government Assessed Site Value sits at $2.3m! Read on to discover the multitude of options. 


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