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Agents are making buying a bargain even easier

Agents are making buying a bargain even easier


It is a buyer's market so negotiating a good deal is easier than ever. Any educated investor knows now is the time to act and bargains are to be found. It is tough times for sellers right now. Makes you wonder how they allow an agent to make it even harder for them to sell their property.

It is that time of the year again. One of the best times of the year. Footy finals time. Want to know how to buy a bargain? Attend an auction, in a buyer's market, that is to be held during the AFL or NRL Grand Final. Or any significant final for that matter!

An owner would be mad to auction during the grand final, but it happens. Just take a look online. We just carried out a quick search and found numerous properties set to go to auction during the AFL Grand Final on Saturday 1st October.

Imagine trying to sell a property, at auction, in Victoria, if Collingwood are playing Carlton, during the AFL grand final? Three people will show up. The auctioneer, the agent, and the owner!

Here's just one example we found in Victoria, set to go to auction just 1 hour before the bounce:

(Note this property is being used as an example only. We have not researched it to know whether it is a property worth buying).

If you are interested in this bargain buying strategy, here are some search tips for you:

  1. On there is an option to search for "Open for Inspection and Auction Times". Unfortunately this only shows times for one week in advance, so put it in your diary to search this on Sunday 25th September.
  2. Again on do a search in any area of interest (be quite broad, such as search all of Queensland). Then on the left hand side you can refine your search. There is a keyword search you can carry out. Enter the term "auction 1st October". We just did this for Queensland and came up with 45 listings!
  3. Keep this day in your diary (and enter it every year from here on in) and keep it in the back of your mind when you are looking at listings.
  4. A number of newspapers have auction listings in them, the only downside is the listings are usually for auctions on that day, so you'll need to be quick in doing your research and getting your money together!

The footy finals isn't the only day where this strategy comes into its own. Here are some other days you can target:

  • Mother's or Father's day
  • Any long weekend. People don't like to interrupt their long weekend with an auction... to some it feels like work.
  • Easter Saturday. This is the only official 4 day weekend of the year so a lot of people travel over this weekend.
  • Lead up to Christmas. People have their minds on other things at this time and so auction attendance numbers are always down.
  • When it is heavily raining. Especially if the auction is being held on-site.
  • Significant sporting events and race days.

As we started with, it is a buyer's market. Make it an even better buyer's market by targeting Grand Final day!

Some of you may be thinking that this strategy is all well and good, but here we are telling the world about it so every man and his dog is likely to target this strategy. Don't fret... a lot of people like their footy ;-)

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