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Flood Data and Flood Maps

Flood Data and Flood Maps

It is unfortunate that there will be people who have suffered as a result of these floods because either they weren’t aware of Brisbane flood data that is available to them, or of flood maps, all of which are free. A number of solicitors also do not carry out these searches for their clients when they buy property, or if they do, they don’t explain what it means.

It should be noted also that flooding is a natural event and as with nature, largely unpredictable. Flood data and maps should be used as a guide only. Every event is different. Take this flood and the 1974 flood. The flood of ’74 was largely cyclone and rain over Brisbane related, where as this flood is largely as the result of downfall upstream of Brisbane, though the rain we have had in Brisbane over the last few months obviously didn’t help. Also our city is different. There are buildings where there were once vacant lots and parkland. There are large high rises instead of houses. All this means water is displaced differently to what it was during past floods. While flood data is available, we have seen some instances of buildings and homes that have flooded despite being built to current flood immunity levels. There are no guarantees, because as we say, it is a natural event. The best you can do is utilise the best available data when buying or building.

We would like to make it clear that not a single property sourced by Investigate Property since we began operation in April 2006 have been affected by these floods.

Due to high traffic volumes to the Brisbane City Council website, flood reports are currently unavailable. We will send a link to where you can obtain them as soon as they are made available again.

Likewise flood maps are not available on council’s website. However, we have obtained a link to another website that does contain most flood maps. Alternatively you can often find flood maps available on the website of your local councilor.

We anticipate there will be a review of flood data as the result of the 2011 flood and potentially some changes to the data.

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