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Great News! Reno Kings will find your next investment property

Great News! Reno Kings will find your next investment property

The Reno Kings have educated 1000's of property investors over the years. After learning about the deals Paul and Geoff swoop on and turn into gold, many of these investors asked the Reno Kings if they could help them find a property.

More about the Reno Kings

Some of the typical questions asked included ...

  • How do I find deals with a twist like the Reno Kings do?
  • What is the right price and how should I negotiate it?
  • How do I research development potential?
  • What should I do to easily add value without over doing it?

Finally after years of beings asked, the Reno Kings have agreed to use their years of market experience, proven abilities and access to powerful research tools to identify your next investment property and answer those questions. As their time is limited and there are only so many “Reno King” deals around, they have stipulated that the number of investors involved be strictly limited.

Here is how it works
The Reno Kings have established a separate company - Investigate Property. They have recruited a uniquely qualified Town Planner with an eye for potential. His job is to sift through the 1000's of properties on the market and identify development opportunities and other property twists that are the hallmark of a Reno King property.

More about the Town Planner

Paul and Geoff then analyse his short list, looking at the properties through their experienced eyes. Is it a viable investment? What is the right price? What further information do they need to confirm value?

The short list becomes a shorter list and then members - this could be you - are quickly alerted. Time is the essence if you want to snaffle a genuine bargain. Once a member makes an offer on a property a comprehensive assessment is compiled by the Town Planner to uncover any “deal breakers” like:

  • Is it affected by future council plans?
  • Does it have a combined drain? (It could cost you $1000s)
  • Does it flood or have overland flow?
  • What constraints on development?
  • What is the Town Planner’s assessment?

Plus over 20 pages of research, searches and assessment. This report is part of your "due diligence" and provided you have the right clauses on your contract, you can pull out if the deal doesn't "stack up".

As you can see, this is a comprehensive service that leverages the Reno Kings resources. To our knowledge this level of experience, skill and resources has never been available to the public – until now.

"When I heard the Reno Kings would find a property for me I pounced on the opportunity ... and they delivered ... they found a cheapie for only $256K, 12km from brisbane and 300 metres to rail. It had already been renovated (I will claim the depreciation), so all I had to do was install blinds and some smoke alarms. I immediately got $290 per week rent.

If you don't have the time, confidence or like me are not resident in Brisbane - I would highly recommend you invest in a membership and get these guys acting for you ASAP." PD, Mackay

Here are some other recent deals you have just missed out on:

  • First Investment PropertyA property with options. Cosmetic Reno required to existing 3 bed house and then rent for $260 pw; next organise development approval for 3 townhouses or 4 units and on-sell or develop yourself for $200k profit! Short walk to shops and train, 12 km Brisbane CBD. Sold $235,000!
  • Under Valued!Future development site, two existing flats returning $350 pw, 2 street frontage, 60% GFA, potential for 8 one bedroom units or 5 two bedroom units. Upmarket area 6km from Brisbane CBD. Sold $532,000 with a valuation while under contract of $630,000!
  • Reno and Split with OptionsLarge 3 bedroom Queenslander in prime location on 2 lots with 24 metre frontage. Slide and realign the boundary. House on its own lot worth $550k+ after renovation and spare lot worth $390k+. Sold $564k.
  • They pay you to buy their house
    Good 3 bedroom Queenslander on a small lot. Asking price $439k. UCV… wait for it ... $495,000! Sorry this one sold as well.

How much will it cost to join?
This is the good bit! Your first years membership is $688 and it is backed up with an iron-clad money back guarantee, so you know you will get value for your money.

If at anytime within the first 12 months of joining we cannot locate a property that suits your criteria and you believe you are not getting excellent value for your money from your membership, inform us and we will cheerfully refund your $688 investment in full within 2 business days - no questions asked.

If you do purchase a property you will pay the same amount of commission you would pay if any average real estate agent was to act for you. You will get all that Reno King experience, town planning research and all the combined skill of this team at an industry standard rate. (Commission is charged at the standard scale recommended by the Real Estate Institute of Queensland)

More Good News
We are still finding deals right now. Join other savvy property investors and get the Reno Kings to hunt down your next investment property. Don't forget you also get the services of a town planner who will check out the property before you go unconditional. Membership will be capped to ensure quality of service, so don't delay.

To join click here.

Note: This service is currently only available in South East Queensland. Please let us know if you think we should open an office in your preferred market.

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