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Interesting flood and property related articles

Interesting flood and property related articles

There are some interesting flood and property related articles being published. There are also some excellent resources available that illustrate the flooding in Brisbane. Here are links to articles and resources that we are aware of.

Note that these links may only be available for a short time.

Brisbane House Prices after the 2011 Flood

Those who build on flood plains...

Property market expected to tighten

Floods to shake up Brisbane property market

QLD rent to soar

This is a fantastic resource in general and is invaluable for investors. it is similar to Google Maps except the aerial photos are taken more frequently and appear to be of higher quality. The last aerial photo taken of the centre of Brisbane was during the floods on January 13th, 2011.

The following is from and is an interesting way to present some before and after photos of the hardest hit areas within Brisbane. Simply slide the black vertical bar on each picture to view the before and after. 

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