Last Chance for the new Reno Kings Workshops

Announcing two Brand New Workshops for 2016

The Reno Kings are back and are holding their first workshops in 2 years, being held no 20th February 2016.

Each of these intimate workshops only only a handful of seats still available, be quick... so you don't miss out on spending the day with The Reno Kings!



The Reno Kings don’t want you to pay too much for a property. Ever.

The Reno Kings don’t want you to buy the wrong property. Ever.

The Reno Kings want you to be the best possible negotiator you can be, to recognise a bargain when it comes up and to be able to tap into the special methods we ourselves use to secure the better properties at unbelievable prices.

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Intimate Workshop #2: NO PLAN NO PROFIT

The Reno Kings have created No Plan, No Profit,
an Intimate Workshop designed to make you a designer,
even better…a profit creator!

We have done this so many times before. It is a fact that you can make more money looking at and tweaking a floor plan than you can spending months on the tools carrying out the renovation.

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