The New Valley

With the Riverside Precicint of West End now the new playground of the Urban Renewal Taskforce, the team behind the transformation of the Valley, there is a very high chance that the predictions will come true.

Activity in the area is at an all time high in terms of short and long term proposals and private and public developments.

Currently under construction are the Millennium Arts Centre, the Dutton Park Green Bridge, and SW1 (commerical development on 1.8 hectares fronting Melbourne Street).

Recently completed projects include the new Thiess building on Grey Street, the new Saville Hotel, Leftbank in Buchanan Street and the new Cutting Edge Headquarters.

The above, however, is just a small part of what is being mooted for the area. Infrastructure propsals include the new Hale Street Toll Bridge, the Tank Street Pedestrian Bridge, the West End people movement system (e.g light rail), duplication of the Victoria Bridge, shade cover to the existing Victoria Bridge and a new pedestrian bridge linking West End with St Lucia.

There is also the redevelopment of the Southbank Tafe, the Boggo Road Gaol site and the proposed extensions to the Brisbane Convention and Entertainment Centre.

Perhaps most significant are the numerous residential developments already approved or with current application before Council. Some of the larger developments include Investa's site in Forbes Street with over 280 units, the Fibre Container Site in Ferry/Duncan Street with over 500 units, Pradella's 80+ "Flow" apartments in Duncan Street, Pradella's "Tempo" Development in Anthony Street with over 100 units and also with over 100 units is Stockland's "Koko" development fronting the Brisbane River.

All up, including non-mentioned developments proposed by Meridien, Aria and the numerous smaller developements there are close to 1400 units approved or proposed for the peninsular.

With these units, combined with the vast number of infrastructure projects, is it any wonder there are these predictions being made about the area?

By Justin Eslick

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