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Investigate Property offers 2 exciting membership opportunities to help you find a great property deal.

Investigate Property
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Let us find a great property
deal for you.

Be amongst the first investors to
access great deals uncovered by our experienced town planner and professional property buyer. You will receive an email alert outlining the latest opportunities. When a property is right for you, contact us immediately, and we will put our experience to work for you to negotiate your offer and secure the property on your terms.
Plus you can query us about all the properties we locate, both past and present, to help educate you on what to look for in the market place.

Investigate Property
Pro Monthly Membership
Get Justin Eslick on your
Property A Team.

Email or phone our qualified town planner, licenced real estate agent and investor during business hours and access all his valuable tools, knowledge and experience. Discuss research, development potential and the due dilligence on any properties you locate or own.


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