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IP Source Introductory Membership

IP Source Introductory Membership - Click to enlarge picture.
$497.00 AUD
Approx $353.91 USD


Product Code: IP-Source-Intro

Your IP Source Membership (3 month introductory membership) includes your one-time joining fee along with the first 3 months of membership. Your membership will automatically revert to a monthly membership at only $47/month. Full details can be found on our Source Membership Page.

Once you have joined up, within 1 business day we will send you a self explanatory membership package via email along with your username and password and then you will have access to our Exclusive Members Only Page. This is where we load all our new properties. Every time a new property is added we will email you and alert. You can then view general details about the property, including the price and our recommendations.

*** Please note that your $47/month membership will commence automatically after your initial 3 month introduction period. You may cancel your membership anytime by providing us with 2 days written notice (email) of your intention ***

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